DG Consulting

HR Consultany

We offer HR consultancy services and solutions. Utilizing leading edge technology and top flight talent, we provide a full range of deliverables to meet the ever-growing and evolving demands of today’s global marketplace. Whether you need a case study, a full curriculum developed, an organizational climate survey, training need analysis or competency mapping we do it at very competitive rates.

As you continue to focus on your core business, we work with you collaboratively so you can deliver precisely what you need when you need it without taking your eye off the bigger picture. We can prepare the training calendar with you, after we have a thorough study of the target group and training objectives.

We maintain a pool of experienced talent that can deliver top quality, targeted content and projects. With the nature of work ranging vastly in scope and medium, naturally the technical skills requirements vary accordingly. Similarly, with clients representing a spectrum of industry verticals, we match talent based on subject matter expertise and appropriate styles.

We pride ourselves on working with professionals who possess excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to truly listen and translate a client’s vision or requirements, a strong collaborative spirit, and exceptional proficiency and knowledge in their area of expertise.

We are partners you can count on time and time again.