DG Consulting


What is the differentiating factor that helps you get the coveted seat at the B-School of your choice? Your essays and/or Your Personal Statements. The topics could be as varied as your personal and professional goals, your role model, or what would you choose to have with you if your to take a long journey. The length is also, in many cases, specified.

The challenge is:

  • Your commitment should come through
  • Your experiences must be reflected in a positive light
  • Your unique traits that could contribute to the diversity of the class
  • You should neither exceed not fall too short of the prescribed word limit
  • Your flow should be, fluent, succinct and clear
  • You should be ready with them as per the timelines

We take your personal details and an outline from you and rewrite it for you. We will talk with you, understand your motivations, strengths and experiences and weave them effectively into your essays.

While most existing consultancies and advisory agencies only correct the grammar or edit, we DO THE CRAFTING FOR YOU. All this comes at a fraction of the cost any existing agency does for you.