DG Consulting


"I have attended Girija Deshpande’s communication skills workshop in our organization. A large batch of our employees have benefited from this. The curriculum, structure and presentation of the workshop all are very good.During the sessions, we found her highly creative, interactive and able to connect with her audience very effectively throughout. Individual attention was given to everybody present in this session. I would strongly recommend her as a trainer to train your employees to be effective communicators.” 

Amita Sawardekar :

AVP & Head – Quality at Infrasoft Technologies Ltd., Mumbai


“Girija is supremely committed towards everything she undertakes. She helped promote my play and leadership training program, "ChanakyaShastra" with such belief and passion that only she can display. She genuinely loves and cares for everyone around her. She is someone who deserves to be the CEO of a top company. I'll always look for opportunities to work with her”.

Sanjay Srinivas :

Owner, Chequered Flag Entertainment Company

 “I find Girija a very professional person, the way she carries herself is just amazing. She is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. I wish I had a teacher like Girija. There are so many things Girija knows which I am sure I will learn from her after much  interactions. I wish Girija all the best in all her endeavors.”

Atul Morey :

Business Partner, The Argon Company

"When a student from India applies for admission to Universities abroad, there are many obstacles as we navigate the gruelling and critical admission process. Writing the essays is one one of them. I clearly knew what I wanted to convey, but I was struggling for precise, pithy expressions. Conciseness is the key here. Ms. Girija Deshpande went through the rough draft I had prepared and asked me several questions to understand my background and aspirations. The end product that she gave me was a very succinct, lucid essay that was just the way I wanted it. This essay strengthened my application package significantly and I was able to secure admission to a great graduate program in the US."

Dr Namrata Barai :

Director, Business Development, MITACS Inc.

"When a student applies to a foreign university the most daunting task is writing the essays and statement of purpose. It was for me too. I had completed my Civil Engineering Degree and was planning to do MS in structural engineering in United States. I was quite good in English and communication. Yet, when it came to writing the essays I did not know where to begin or end. I knew it was going to be a long and intensive process. In a very short span of time, I had to come up with an essay that was uniquely myself, and a compelling read which convinces the admissions committee that I am right for their school. I did not want to take the run-of-the-mill professional writing services. Ms. Girija Deshpande's writing services came as a great relief. She discussed with me all details and with a professional touch, in just a few days, gave me essays that turned out to be the reflection of my thoughts and ideologies, penned with maturity and expertise. She was able to demonstrate my interest,enthusiasm, and fit in the department I had applied to, through a perfect logical progression of ideas. The essay had a consistent tone throughout. I thought she did an amazing job creating lively, comprehensive & winning essay. As a result, I soon got admissions and here I am".

Ms. Krupa Raval :

Senior Computer Programmer Analyst, Pacific Gas & Electric co, San Francisco, US