DG Consulting


You need to provide recommendations from Professors and your employer or immediate supervisor. If you are in family business you can provide client or vendor referral.

Many Universities have recommendation forms which they would expect your Professors and employers to fill up online. But there may be some constraints, and then you can submit hard copy.

Even if the Professors and employers agree to submit the recommendation online there are some questions on the form for which it helps if they have the answers ready. You know what they will write about you. Your referees also know that their input is crucial to your future and would like to be prepared.

A recommendation should reflect:

  • The extent of association the referee has/ had with you
  • Personal credentials of the referee
  • His/her observations about your academic/career path
  • Specific instances to provide insights about your leadership qualities, integrity, courage team work etc.

Your referee will have the soft copy of the recommendations; it helps him or her to fill in the recommendation forms.

Usually Professors or employers prefer that you give them a sample/rough draft of recommendation. Some of them revise it and many of them sign on the dotted line. We craft for you these recommendation letters also.

We will talk with you, help you prepare your outline, and on the basis of it build the recommendation. While most existing consultancies and advisory agencies only correct the grammar or edit, we DO THE CRAFTING FOR YOU. All this comes at a fraction of the cost any existing agency does for you