DG Consulting

Taare Zameen Par


Yes, this is how beautiful amazing and spectacular our Taare Zameen Par was at Kanakia Future City on January 26,2020.


“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, &

Poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci


I stood amazed kids next door have skill so fine

Gasping in delight not knowing what laws of art

Helped even kids create life and love and heart

On paper, from mere color, curve and line.


I would have stood and made no move or sign;

Not with the crowd, but reverently apart;

Nor felt the power my rooted limbs to start,

But mutely gazed upon artists’ faces divine.


As President I had to welcome guests, give speech,

Hand over prizes,announce names, give trophy

While doing the mundane yet smelling the coffee

Feeling the greatness of art no one can teach


All over me the sense of awesome beauty fell,

As music glides on a raptured listener in zone dim

The deep-throated organ breathing out a hymn

Or as on one who kneels with his beads to tell.